For the one that matters most.

The story of the snake and the fox is a peculiar one. The beautiful fox was from a cold, cold land but often liked to adventure outside to see what she could find. The snake however was not as adventurous but always very curious, this curiosity would sometimes lead to small adventures but never too far from home.


The chances of either the snake or the fox ever crossing paths would be so incredibly low as the two of them were from two different places very far apart. For the two of them to be in the same place at the same time seemed so close to impossible, it couldn’t be true.


One morning the snake decided that on this day he would go on an adventure further than he’d been before, he was tired of seeing the same scenery… it was time for a change.

As I mentioned before, the snake wasn’t the adventurous type, he’d never strayed too far from home but on this very day he would. The snake began on his adventure across the land in a new direction different to any than he’d been before, and much further than he had in the past. In the distance he saw a creature unlike any he had laid eyes on in his lifetime. She was so incredibly beautiful, something the snake couldn’t possibly even dream of even if he tried. She was playing with others her kind, jumping and having fun, all the while looking so very cute and adorable.


Something changed within the snake, he didn’t know what to do with himself he’d never seen such beauty… but the snake knew he was no match for the fox. Her glowing fur would was on a whole different level to his scaley body. But something about the fox had him so intrigued, he couldn’t just carry on his day. The snake hid behind some rocks and watched the beauty before his eyes from a distance. It was asif the stars had aligned or an aurora has danced across the sky, the snake was captivated in the fox’s every movement.

Sunset was in full motion the snake had no other option but to head back home before he would be unable to see and remember the way. Today was a lot more interesting than the snake had expected, he couldn’t shake the thought of how mesmerising the fox was. He was possessed by the the vision of the most beautiful creature the snake had ever seen. The snake had to meet this creature. Over the following weeks the snake continued to go back to the same spot to see the fox, sometimes she was there but sometimes she wasn’t. All the time the snake was trying to build up courage to approach the fox, but he didn’t want to scare the fox or for her to feel threatened.

Over the next visits the snake got a little closer each time and tried to speak a little with the fox from a distance, although she was too distracted by the others around her to even notice the snake. One day the snake overheard the fox asking the others who would like to play a game with her. The snake jumped at the chance, nervous, but he knew this was one way to get the fox to notice him and not feel threatened. The fox was weary at first but accepted the snake to join them in their games. Now was time for the snake to impress the fox, he had to pull out everything in his skills to attract the attention of the incredibly beautiful fox.

Somehow this really worked, the fox noticed how amazing the snake was at the games she played, it was surprising as she’d rarely even a snake let alone one that could play like this particular one. The fox continued to let the snake come play with her and her friends, nothing made the snake happier, every opportunity the snake would get he would be with the fox. It was clear that this relationship was more than it seemed, the snake and fox started to talk privately and there was definitely more than just friendship in the air.

The two arranged to meet each other away from the others, so they could really get to know each other better. It was decided, a week together in a new place away from any prying eyes. It was the most wonderful week of the snake’s life, not only was the fox visually out of this world, she had a beautiful soul. The kind of soul you’re lucky to even be in the presence of. Very rarely one meets another that ticks all the boxes and even boxes you don’t even realise you have, this was the case for the snake. Adventures in a new location was a perfect way for the two of them to really get to know each other, and it turned out great. Even the fox seemed hooked, the snake must have really impressed her.

Some time passed but the snake couldn’t wait to meet the fox again, they continued to play with others but now it was different, there was an electricity between the two. The snake knew this was love, still insanely amazed at the fact that it was even possible. How could these two from completely different worlds even cross paths, let alone be perfect for one another. The unlikely couple continued to grow together and their love continued to grow too.


However the story doesn’t finish here, for there to be a “happily ever after” the snake had his work cut out for him…